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Radio Helsinki
A fine finnish web radio, triani has his own radio show here

Eleven Kinds
A web site dedicated to one of the great lost american writers Richard Yates, whose short story "Liars in Love", supplies the title to the next Treeball long player

Monty Clift
Before Brando & Dean, there was Montgomery Clift, the first actor to wear a white t-shirt on screen. Here is a fine site dedicated to him

On this site you can find work from Riitta Supperi, who has shot all the Treeball pics and record cover photos. She also designed this site

Convert Media These guys were responsible for this site (until we took over and bloated it!)

Delphic Recordings
A record label where Astrid Swan is signed and Nick Triani involved

Endearing Records
Our Canadian friends, who release lots of fine music as well as treeball

Stupido Records
Lots of cool finnish music available to buy from here, the original label for Treeball music

Rhythm Barrel Records
A great finnish indie label, 7inch vinyl is the speciality, including one from Treeball

The Orchard
Big website record store, distributor of Treeball's 1st album in the USA

Treeball's sister/brother band, where Janne & Aleksi also play

Astrid Swan
Astrid has her own web page you know

Aaron Booth Our Canadian friend with whom we released a split EP and will tour Canada with

A fine music, movies & books magazine, this is the web version

The best on-line newspaper in the world, excellent sections on Movies, Music & Football

Melodica Skateboards A cool skateboard shop who've released a skateboard documentary dvd with Treeball music

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