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Release date 14 Sep 2004

1. Not Happy Now
2. This is Round
3. Blue
4. Friday Night

Aaron Booth:
5. Steal My Heart
6. In Love With Ourselves
7. Stay
8. The Many Lead The One

09/04: ****1/2
- Toni

One Chord to Another
09/04: ****
"Both new songs are really good ones and the beginning of the opener Not Happy Now is probably the most beautiful moment they've so far created" - Vesa Lautamäki 10/04: ***
"The idea is to present artists from different parts of the world and make the fans of the other band like the other. Sheer pop genius, in other words" - Marko Ylitalo

Rumba #16/04: ***
"Treeball's star is clearly on the rise" - Markku Roinila

Soulshine 10/04: ***
"Four songs apiece from each of these artists, which leaves us with eight tracks. And not a bad one in the bunch." - Cameron Gordon

Umbrella Music 10/04: ***1/2
"The strongest track is the opener “Not Happy Now,” a perfect little indie rock ballad that incorporates the strong vocal harmonies of singers Nick Triani and Astrid Swan" - Tim Lawrence

FFWD Weekly 10/04: ***
"It’s all quite pretty and definitely pop – there’s a teen-movie-ready selection here from each group ("Blue" from Treeball, "In Love With Ourselves" from Booth)" - Jennifer Abel 11/04
"Friday Night is an amazing power pop song, a beautiful piece consisting of energetic guitars and keyboards. Reminds me of Big Star"

Not Lame Recordings (USA) 10/04
"Finland's Treeball are a real find"

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