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Release date 12 April 2006

1. Liars in Love
2. Let Me Out of Here
3. Under My Skin
4. Are You Ever Gonna Wake Me Up
5. Down With the Ship
6. Cruelty to Animals
7. Smooth Fruit
8. Out of This Dark Room Comes Anything
9. With My Hand
10. I Was an Innocent Bystander
11. From the Past
12. 8 O'Clock
13. Liars In Love (Reprise)

REVIEWS 04/06: ****1/2
"The dialogue between Nick and Astrid has developed to a point where it's simply unparalleled... And the mandolin that ends the record is just great!" - Ilkka Valpasvuo 04/06: ****
"The first three tracks are crackling, and despite the slowdown towards the end, the rest of the album contains no misses either ... Recommended purchase for all lovers of timeless guitar pop" - Hog Hansson

Rumba 04/06: ***
"Baroque pop and more traditional guitar rock live in peace mixing
tenderness and insults together. Liars in Love is a great soundtrack for
next summer's intimate moments" - Markku Roinila

Nyt-liite 04/06: ***
"Treeball keep playing good-sounding indie pop on their third album" - Tiina Keränen 04/06: ***
"Treeball have made their best album" - Hannu Linkola

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