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Release date 25 Feb 2004

1. Monkeys - audio clip (mp3) - video (Flash player required)
2. When Jimmy Met Frankie - audio clip (mp3)
3. Bolivian Adventure - audio clip (mp3)
4. Definition of Pop - download (mp3)
5. Blue
6. Nothing Left on the Shelf
7. Noir - audio clip (mp3)
8. The Bomb
9. Your Dream - audio clip (mp3)
10. Fulsome
11. Long Roads
12. The Beginning


Exclaim! 08/04: "National Treasure is a surprisingly strong album that will hopefully help the band find the wider audience they deserve." - Michael Edwards 12/04
"I have a soft spot for subversive pop music. The kind that's equally cynical and sentimental. The kind where you'll be driving your mom somewhere and she'll say, 'Well, this sure is a nice song.' The kind where you say, 'Yeah, it's about scoring blow in Bolivia.'" - Sam 04/04 ***
"I didn't want to like Franz Ferdinand, but that's what happened. The second Strokes album wasn't supposed to be good, but convince me it did. And I do like Treeball's National Treasure, despite its shortcomings." - Matias Karekallas

Think Small 03/04
(For those with an understanding of the Dutch language...)

Americana-UK 03/04 ***1/2
"‘Definition of Pop’ almost describes itself perfectly and launches into a chorus Teenage Fanclub would be proud of ... Finnish record of the year so far - all round excellence." - DC

Soundi 03/04 ****
"Treeball sound more self-confident than ever and there are loads of excellent songs this time around" - Mikko Meriläinen

Let's Make Some Noise 03/04 ****

"An extremely enjoyable pop record that you can effortlessly, but not carelessly, listen to" -Tom Sundberg 03/04 ****1/2
"They sound more and more convincing each year and I have no doubts of their plans for international recognition (anymore) ... Recommended" -Ilkka Valpasvuo

Chart Attack
"It works beautifully and is sure to put a spring in anyone’s step." -Lauren Ferranti

Nyt-Liite #9/04 ****
"Treeball cannot be accused of pop elitism or excessive indie-pop quirks ... You can even sense a bit of nostalgy in Triani's harmonic, expertly crafted pop songs" -Mikko T. Virtanen

One Chord To Another 02/04
"Timeless melodies, classic pop tunes and beautiful vocals is still the basic foundation of Treeball's music, but this time they don't play it as safe as they did on the debut" -Vesa Lautamäki

Indiepop 02/04
"It's hard to find any flaws from these songs however hard you try (unless you count that as one) ... Astrid's voice beats Nina Persson's voice - as well as many others' - with its character ... A lovingly made album about love" -J

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