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Release date 21 Aug 2002

1. Hey Punk! -audio clip (mp3)
2. Friday Night
3. Blooms - audio clip (mp3)
4. If You Wanna Jump Better Let Go - audio clip (mp3)
5. Despicable
6. Wild - audio clip (mp3)
7. Titanic - download (mp3)
8. Down
9. Don't Wanna Meet - audio clip (mp3)
10. The World's Going Round the Bend - audio clip (mp3)
11. Bond - audio clip (mp3)


Rumba #16/02 ****

"Sincere and lovely pop for all boys and girls... One of the finest American style pop records to have come out of Finland in a long while" -Markku Roinila

Soundi #9/02 ****
"One of the best albums made in Finland in its own, wide genre" -Tero Alanko

NYT-Liite #37/02 ****
"Well thought-out arrangements and sincere, yet skilful playing raise this record above the usual guitar pop records" -Otto Talvio

Markkinointi & Mainonta 9/02
"Distorted guitars and Astrid's excellent singing give this record its edge. Adding a few more surprises in the song material wouldn't hurt in the future" -MM 10/02 **
"The Strawberry Blonde School of Class is a helplessly boring record" -Hannu Linkola 10/02 ***
"Although not always melodically so original, this type of music can be very stylish-and style is something treeball has loads of" -Sbergo

SUE-Lehti 9/02 ****
"The band is at its best in simpler songs such as 'Wild' and 'The World's Going Round The Bend', where their country-underpinnings are strongly present" -Ari Väntänen 12/02 Album of the month ***** (out of 6)
"What am I to say? The album of the year? Perhaps - don't know. Anyway, this music forces a content smile on my face." - Mike Korbik
"...the edge of this record is given by Nick And Astrid duets which work perfectly well and definitevely make this record so special and attaching. " - Fabien

Shmat Records
"...the excellence of these songs suggests a promising future. So the old conception, bleak Finland, gives way to a new one, summer-party Finland." - Gary

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