Treeball are a musical collective based in Helsinki Finland, since 2000. The band consists of one Englishman, one American & 3 native Finns.


UK born Nick Triani moved to Finland in 1998, following the demise of former UK based band Supermodel (Fire Records, Columbia USA). Initially working in Finland as an in-demand producer (acts Triani has produced include: Mummypowder, Giant Robot, Sister Flo, Apulanta, The Rollstons, Astrid Swan, Manboy, Montevideo) , Triani hooked up with Janne Lehtinen, lead singer/songwriter with Mummypowder. The two of them started demoing Triani’s songs, meanwhile trying to find likeminded souls to play with. Aleksi Mänttäri (Krispies, Jonna Tervomaa, Mummypowder) was recruited on Bass, Ville (Come Inside) keyboards, Astrid Swan (keyboards, guitars & vocals) with Lehtinen taking drumming duites alongside Triani on vocals and guitar.


In 2002 this line up of the band released debut album “The Strawberry Blonde School Of Class” on respected Finnish indie label Stupido Records. Well received in the Finnish media as a landmark record in its own genre, Treeball had finally arrived.

After a series of shows to promote the debut album, keyboardist Ville leaves the band and is replaced by American guitar player Michael McDonald (Aleksi Ojala, Montevideo), and the definitive line-up of the band. Treeball quickly record a series of new songs to be released on “The Cat Formation of A Mouse EP”, a 7inch vinyl only release on Turku based indie Rhythm Barrell Records, in late 2003.


February 2004 sees the release of Treeball’s 2nd full length album “National Treasure”, again liscensed to Stupido Records, and once more receiving praise from the Finnish media, and also picking up media and label interest abroad.
September 2004, sees Treeball team up with Canadian singer/songwriter Aaron Booth for a joint mini album (IPX4) release through Canadian indie stalwarts Endearing Records (Heavy Blinkers, Julie Dorian). A joint series of concerts is organised that sees Aaron Booth playing shows in Finland, with Treeball joining Booth for a Canadian tour to promote the IPX4 release.


2006 sees Treeball return with a new album “Liars In Love”, a new record label (Kinkt), and a more expansive approach as to what is the Treeball sound. “Liars In Love” is inspired by the writings of cult American author Richard Yates (the album title is taken from a Yates short story). More intimate, the album is a loose concept tracing the cracks and ultimate demise of a once loving relationship. Triani & Astrid Swan sing a series of duets, revealing in sometimes whispered trade offs’ the sadness of the fictional narratives.

“Liars in Love” represents Treeball’s most cohesive statement yet, set to win them more fans home and abroad.

Treeball are: Nick Triani, Astrid Swan, Aleksi Mänttäri, Janne Lehtinen & Michael McDonald.

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