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20 November 2006 I Dream of Eclectic Sheep by Treeball
Treeball release their second album of 2006, I Dream Of Eclectic Sheep. 10 new songs featuring material written by Nick Triani, Astrid Swan, Janne Lehtinen & Michael McDonald. All ten tracks are available as a free download below with a copy of the cover for you to print.

01. Denial of the Fittest mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
02. Favourite Enemy
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
03. Could You Love Me Now?
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
04. The Ghost Will Come
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
05. Chess
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
06. Soul to Heaven
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
07. Sweet Murder (Song for Doug Yule)
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
08. Ambulance
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps
09. Grace Falls
mp3 192 kbps
| aac 192 kbps
10. What a Wise guy
mp3 192 kbps | aac 192 kbps

Cd cover (PDF)
Cd label (PDF)

"There tends to be a certain unjustified disposition towards bands who release entire albums for free on the internet. Some point to a lack of quality, effort, and creativity before even listening to one song. What about bands with visible talent who just enjoy spreading their music to all fans throughout the world, at no cost? Treeball are a good example of this unselfish attitude. Sure, the band could have released I Dream of Eclectic Sheep and made some sort of profit, but they seem to value quality reception and support from fans instead of financial benefaction." -

"I have been impressed with the tracks I have played so far. It's atmospheric, melodic indie rock that fits fine with the gloomy London weather." -

"For some inexplicable reason - because they so don't suck - Treeball has released their fourth album I Dream of Eclectic Sheep free of charge." - Indie Junkie

"I Dream of Eclectic Sheep is beautiful, catchy... an incredible gem of a record." - Veritas Lux Mea

"Beautiful and diverse feel-good pop" -

"'Do you believe in us?' The opening line of Treeball's sixth studio album has us questioning. But, of course we believe them...they're Finnish!" - Beat Lawrence

"Lest you think that [the record being a free download] suggests suspect value, check out the following [Favourite Enemy and Soul to Heaven] and then the others." - Powerpopulist

"And now there is 'I Dream of Eclectic Sheep', ten new songs which you can download for free. If you don't want to do this, I would advise you to put the next three gems on your hard drive: 'Favourite Enemy', 'The Ghost Will Come' and 'Grace Falls'. I'm sure that you'll want to have the rest also!" - Hotstof

"The album is available on the band's website as a free download. Which is a little ironic, as 'I Dream of Eclectic Sheep' could be Treeball's best album" **** - Jean Ramsay/Rumba

"[Treeball] play feel-good indie pop rock with the emphasis on pop and do it with a streamlined quality that recalls The Wannadies and The Cardigans." –

"I Dream of Eclectic Sheep shows how many talented songwriters there are in the band. My favourite songs of the album are all from different songwriters. Nick Triani (Denial Of The Fittest), Janne Lehtinen (Favourite Enemy), Astrid Swan (The Ghost Will Come) and Michael McDonald (Soul To Heaven) can all write wonderful pop songs and this is another strong Treeball album. " –'s albums of 2006

"In the time it would take to watch a typical sitcom, you get something that may not change your life, but just might leave a smile on your face" ***1/2 -Popmatters

"One of those rare discs that really make you feel good" -Kwmusica


20 November 2006 Treeball interview on

15 May 2006 Treeball interview at Soneraplaza

26 April 2006 Treeball on Radio Helsinki
Treeball will appear on Radio Helsinki on wednesday, 25th April, at 6PM.

17 April 2006 Treeball on Yle X
Treeball are interviewed on Yle X's X Ryhmä on monday, 17th April, at 7.10PM.

9 April 2006 Treeball interview
Read an interview with Nick (in Finnish) at

6 April 2006 Treeball on Radio Noise 6pm Friday, 7th April 2006
Triani from Treeball will be guest on the show Uutisporsas on Radio Noise, at 6pm Friday, 7th April 2006. For more details go here: Radio Noise

6 April 2006 A message from our record label...

Hi everyone!

Please help Kinkt Records out by requesting Treeball songs on the radio. You can do it by clicking the links below:

YLEX: You can e-mail them at or clickety-click here.

Radio Helsinki:
You can e-mail them at or send an SMS biisi treeball let me out of here to 173005 (Finland only)

Fill out the form here.

Radio SuomiPOP: Fill out the request form here.

13 March 2006 Treeball: Liars In Love (Kinkt records) Released 12th April 2006

Treeball return with their 3rd Full length album Liars In Love. Inspired by the writings of American novelist Richard Yates (The title Liars In Love is taken from a Yates novella), the album is a concept preoccupied with the disintigration of a once loving relationship.
Over a series of painfully honest duets, Triani & Astrid Swan trade compliments and insults relating to love lost and it’s cynical repurcussions.
”We decided to make a record that was cohesive in it’s content, focussed on one subject. Richard Yates’ books are full of characters who are quite tragic, who once had a lot going on for themselves, but always seem on the brink of domestic disaster. The voices on Liars In Love are expressing similar feelings” Triani states.
Recording for the record started in March 2005 at Pink Noise Studios, with the band taking a different approach than on previous albums. Triani explains,”I wanted to catch the sponteneity of the songs, so we did’nt rehearse tracks prior to going into the studio. We also decided to swap instruments on a lot of songs. I wanted to stay as close to the orginal feelings that the songs were written with, not get lost in detail too much. Loose was something i wanted, no smooth sound. This applied to the lyrics as well. Me and Astrid would often write the lyrics just prior to the vocal takes, so no mannerisms could creep in. Most stuff on the record is first or second take, with no editing”. Mixing for the album was completed in November 2005.
Liars In Love still finds Treeball in love with the 3 minute pop song, but throws in a few extra quirks and suprises. The sound is on the raw side, to capture the emotion of the songs, but this still means there is space for string arrangements, mandolins, timpani drums, glockenspiels and all manner of instrumentation.
Following on from the Canadian IPX split release with Aaron Booth on Endearing Records, Liars In Love is the most realised example of Treeball’s music yet. Released through new label Kinkt , 2006 heralds a new chapter for the band, where fans and critics worldwide await their latest offering.

8 December 2005 New Album Ready & Other News
Treeball have now finished work on the follow up album to National Treasure. Treeball's 3rd full length album, has been some 8 months in the making, started last March in Pink Noise Studios, Helsinki, recording progressed at home for the remainder of the year. Some 20 songs were recorded during the sessions, and 12 have been selected for the album. Song titles include Cruelty To Animals, Smooth Fruit & I was an Innocent Bystander. The album is a song arc of sung duets about the disintegration of a loving relationship.

Treeball have agreed a deal with a new Finnish label (as yet unannounced - watch this space!) and a single release early 2006 will be followed by the album. More details to follow.

As well as this, a couple of articles have appeared on Treeball on the net. French blog Rockomondo has a feature on the band here.

Spanish page Mira El Pendulo has an article on Treeball from last September. Check it out here.

The Hype Machine page now has a bunch of Treeball tracks for you to download in various formats, to go there click here.

We finally have some kind of working site on My No mp3's there
yet, but there is a forum for you to contact the band. Check it out!

The Record Office is selling Treeball's "Cat Formation Of a Mouse" -EP. To buy the Ep anywhere in the world go here.

Finally, our Canadian friends Endearing Records have teamed up with to offer digital downloads throughout December .$3 off all Endearing releases, including IPX4, the Treeball/Aaron Booth split release. To get the offer check out these guidelines:
1. visit
2. select a title from artists such as Julie Doiron, The Heavy Blinkers,
Paper Moon, Radiogram, Parkas, The Meligrove Band, The Waking Eyes, Aaron
Booth/, Novillero, Treeball etc, etc.
3. enter the coupon code 'endearinglaunch' upon checkout
4. receive $3.00 off a single album from Endearing Records, through

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Live shows
Telakka, Tampere, 10th May 2006

Liars in Love 05/06: ****
"Timeless pop music as it's meant to be played. Full of heart and soul" - Vesa Lautamäki 05/06: ***
"Treeball's third album presents us with a longed-for more compact Treeball sound" - Antti Aittapelto

Etelä-Suomen sanomat 05/06: ****
"In any case, Liars in Love is a good album, and it's certainly great that music like this is done in Finland" - Jarno Hynninen, Kari Härkönen, Saara Harju

Ilkka 05/06: ***
"Effortlessly sparkling pop music that, in places, even resembles Wigwam with its flashy organ parts" - Juha Seitz

Sue 05/06: ****
"Treeball's 3rd long player, and the band's most original, stylish
atmospheric pop album" - Ari Väntänen

Soundi 05/06: ***
"After the surprisingly country-ish title track Treeball offers in all its simplicity a full ten point -pop song, Let Me Out Of Here" - Pertti Ojala

MTV3 05/06
"There certainly aren't too many bands like Treeball in Finland" - Kirsi Hantula 04/06: ****1/2
"The dialogue between Nick and Astrid has developed to a point where it's simply unparalleled... And the mandolin that ends the record is just great!" - Ilkka Valpasvuo 04/06: ****
"The first three tracks are crackling, and despite the slowdown towards the end, the rest of the album contains no misses either ... Recommended purchase for all lovers of timeless guitar pop" - Hog Hansson

Rumba 04/06: ***
"Baroque pop and more traditional guitar rock live in peace mixing
tenderness and insults together. Liars in Love is a great soundtrack for
next summer's intimate moments" - Markku Roinila 05/06: ****
"Soulful music that also reveals how capable the musicians really are. And that's an achievement worth of a hat tip" – Minna Koivunen

Cat Formation of a Mouse -EP 05/06: ***

"Nothing striking here, but it's pretty sweet when it hits" - Zachary Houle

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